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Access challenging overseas markets...

We have the in depth knowledge, contacts and resources needed to open doors in demanding markets.  We offer an end-to-end product delivering robust, target driven strategy; focused and meaningful itineraries; in country logistics as well as experts who can access and fully service the market.

Our experts are highly experienced in navigating the complexities and challenges of tough markets.  We ensure that we truly maximise return on investment in hard to reach but hugely rewarding areas.

Think you have a market covered?  With our knowledge and  experience of second and third tier cities we can access further recruitment channels and broaden agent networks that fully embed and establish your institution within a given market.

"SJRennie's strategic advice and guidance has allowed us to find new and innovative ways to engage with qualified students and their parents, which has allowed us to go beyond our previous recruitment goals for the region. We value the deep market knowledge and understanding of local culture and traditions they have as it has created a greater awareness for how to operate effectively in different regions and cities."

Rob Finlayson, International Manager, Partnerships and Pathways, Carleton University, Canada

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